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Our mission is to make a better world through, serving, education and mentoring of properly applied disciplines and art of successful and peaceful communication, settling all outstanding matters promptly and privately, proper etiquette, mutual and self respect, self empowerment, self governance, love, harmony, integrity, honour, patience and faith, so the individual, local, national and universal community quality of life is enhanced in harmony with nature without detriment to life and the natural world, thereby expressing and manifesting the “Golden Rule” of “Love Thy Neighbor”.


Valuable resources, protection strategies, non-consent processes that help protect yourself and your assets

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"The website teaches you how to step up and create the world that you want from a position of love and service so that you can settle outstanding matters and create an environment where you are at peace, tranquillity, and have a great and prosperous future."


Know Your Rights and Remedies

Interview with Founder, Mark Pytellek

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"People say we have no rights... We teach how to access and apply them for the benefit of achieving a better quality of life and hopefully also for those around you."


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