Private Membership Inclusions

1st Year Membership $129 AUD

Annual Membership Renewal of $99
  • Foundational Knowledge (Course w/ Private Group for Comprehending the Basics)
  • 'Live' Knowledge Module Webinars (1 per month) + 75 recorded
  • 'Live' Q&A Sessions with the Founder (2 per month) + 48 recorded
  • Non-consent Semi-automated Notice Generators (4 Different Processes)
  • Recent News & Articles (plus Periodical Members Updates)
  • Sample Resource Documents & Templates (plus Community Contributed Resource Documents)
  • Members platform assistance (we're here to support the website platform + members experience)
  • Private Community Forums & Groups (members are encouraged to share experiences and support each other, following the golden rule)
  • Access to (Optional) 'Extra' Purchases; such as Non-registered Trust (Members' Discounted Rates), Knowledge Module Document Packs (Downloadable) also containing valuable templates (68), and online courses and/or video workshops (4). You can choose from a variety of subject matters for further knowledge and experience in certain areas you'd specifically like to know more about. Value of this knowledge far exceeds the membership fee & additional purchases combined. Some people have valued it to have the potential of saving you millions of dollars plus your time.
  • The founder has designed this to be a self-study self-help platform. For each wo/man with strong desire and commitment to learn (and re-learn) the knowledge taught within, as well as put into practical everyday practice. Members are encouraged to help one another, share experiences and thrive!

What you get as a member

FeaturesNon-memberMember Member + (Optional) 'Extra' Purchases
Access to the Solutions Empowerment online platform
Foundational Knowledge Course (plus Private Group)
'Live' Knowledge Module Webinars
'Live' Question & Answer Sessions
Private Community Forums & Groups
Recent News & Articles (plus Members Updates)
Sample Resource Docs & Templates + Community Contributed
Non-consent Notice Generators (Donation for Guests)
Members assistance & platform support
Access to (Optional) 'Extra' Purchases: Online Courses & Video Workshops
Access to (Optional) 'Extra' Purchases: Knowledge Module Document Packs (Downloadable)

Sample List of Knowledge Modules

Video Webinars (Watch Online) + Document Packs (Downloadable)