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  • Ant_made

    October 20, 2022 at 9:38 am

    Good morning Morag, I can see you get a lot of questions, so I will keep it here for the rest to see. I have not replied yet as I wanted to watch the Q&A and also get some more confidence in what I am doing. The reply from them is on behalf of the Expiation Manager (I’m guessing a Lawyer now) and saying we acknowledge receipt of correspondence regarding notice. When I write my reply For the second time, do I need to say the whole thing again or can I state that I still stand by my original statement and that you have fail to answer my questions? Can in also write over a photocopy of their reply in red ink, I do not consent, I do not accept this offer to contract and I do not consent to these proceedings? I was going to circle on the copy around the no name and ask “Who are You?”

    Also is it best to keep my cards up my sleeve for the next reply. I thought about adding about the failure to be transparent.

    Thank you and I hope you are smiling,