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  • philip-wainwright

    November 10, 2022 at 1:36 pm

    Hi Morag. The entire content of your previous response. Where do I find anything to do with an estoppel? Where do I find anything to do with a private agreement? Where do I find anything about anything? There are no topic headings, no content listings, no processes of any kind other than what Mark verbalises in a video. I have no idea how to link all the various elements together as I have not had the level of experience he has, so trying to unravel his history, his mistakes, his successes, on top of understanding a legal system that shouldn’t exist anyway, is just confronting. I have no spare time at all as I care for both parents full time, as well as a multitude of other duties, as I suspect many others are doing too, but to have time to put into, first searching for something I have no idea what it looks like, nor how it works, and secondly putting it all into a form that will make sense at the end is just draining me of what energy I have left. Surely after all this time Mark, and others, have spent on this there should be more structure, particularly if he is charging for the service. I’m sorry it this sounds like a major complaint but as a teacher I expect to see structure in what is offered as a course of study. Perhaps I just got it wrong and my expectations were too high. Here’s an alternative. Are you available, or those like you who have the experience, as a paid support person to help me deal with this matter, to walk me though exactly what I need to do? I have tried legal advice, but no one wants to travel to Kununurra, and the starting price is $50,000. I can’t get legal aid because I’m not black. Our local legal firm is too busy. I am running out of options and time. If you can offer something please email at Cheers Philip