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  • Laura

    November 21, 2022 at 10:14 pm

    Hi everyone 🙂

    I’m trying to fit this in while on holidays. It’s hard to stop and get on a computer to write these out with my brain still learning, especially after all of this grounding we need to do haha.

    3 step process:

    1. I’ve sent a notice of payment offer which I’ll attach. I don’t think I actually added it at the start.

    2. I have written out the ‘Time Sensitive Estoppel Apply Upon Default” I highlighted 2 sections I had questions on, in yellow.

    I have filled out the ‘Declaration in the form of an affidavit’. However I am unsure if its relevant because I am not doing a notice of objection or discharging the debt, I am just claiming financial hardship? Is it necessary to state all of that in my case?

    I did not send a fee schedule in step 1, which I feel really should have accompanied the Notice of payment offer letter. Could I send it with step 2? I guess they have already accepted the letter by default but in case it went to court it would be good to have it documented within the process.

    I haven’t gone over these to really look for mistakes and make fix ups. My wording isnt great sometimes but as long as its effective I’ll get better in time.