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  • Ant_made

    January 11, 2023 at 9:03 am

    I recommend to all, to have a look at this. This guy is putting it to the Magistrate who claimed she had a contract over him, in court and on record. Just shows how misguided they are as well. They believe they have more rights than us. If it was just the two of them left on this earth, does she have more right over him, So what makes it any different, because she has a Title that was created by (Wo)Men. The Basics is where it is at and all the rest is mumbo jumbo. How can they sit there, day after day and not realise that it is a scam to steal from the uninformed and that it is not a fair system to all that operate within it. They are all complicit to the FRAUD and if everyday People can work it out, then they have no excuse.

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