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  • Ant_made

    January 21, 2023 at 2:00 pm

    Nice work Kari. This is what I like hearing. It feels like a get to know yourself again process. The key seems to be, Just keep applying whatever you learn and adapted it to your own situation. Cut and paste is what most people say. Gathering info not just from this site, but others that are also fighting this corrupt system. I have been fighting a fine for 5 months and I think I am in a good position. If it changes, I will look at other angles. I am going to try remaining in the Private Realm and just blend and do my own thing with like minded people.

    We are Men and Women before Any Name or Title.

    Regarding jurisdictions, it seems If you can stay in the Private as best you can, this is where we have the most protection. Wolverdean keeps it very basic as does Christopher James from A Warrior Calls. Show the contract that says (i) property. No Contract equals No Authority and if you do contract, do it so you get paid nicely and with No liabilities.

    It is draining sometimes, so it is good to know if you don’t want to battle, just keep it simple and make them prove everything.

    I also just did 3 years back dated Tax following Mark’s advice and have a zero balance. I also opted out for next year. I got my source document a week or two ago. I am just doing a couple things at a time to get in a better position. Non Vax consent is this week and I also want to look at getting off the voting registration. It is a lot watch and do, especially dealing with everyday life as well.

    All the best and Good luck in your travels.