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  • Living-Ascension

    January 24, 2023 at 7:44 pm

    Hey guys,

    Thanks for sharing all of this great info. I put together a fairly solid tax return package with strong Affidavit and Certificate of Mailing documents attached, I sent the documents away via registered post 1st Oct 2022, I have still not received a reply of any sort almost 4 months later. I have checked the myGov website and they have received my tax return package as my 2021-2022 return displays “in progress” and “under review”. As I stated that my withheld tax credits need to be returned to me within 14 days of receiving my tax return, should I now be following up with a default notice as they have taken to long to settle the matter or wait for a reply from them?

    I have had a busy couple of months and did not see the date that my details were recorded on the myGov website so it could still be within the “70 days” processing time mentioned before.

    Thanks for any suggestions in advance