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  • Ant_made

    January 30, 2023 at 11:09 pm

    Keep at them and do what you need to do. They deceived us into this Corrupt System and we have every right to be above it and play it on our terms. It’s all Fiction and Monopoly Money anyway. No need to get attached. They are just corporations, not real people. Who has a contract that say you are their property. We are sovereign over our bodies, that is our land and this earth was given to us all to enjoy and look after. Ancestry is about culture and respect, not power and ownership.

    We are the only creatures on this earth that makes commerce exist. Can we change it and what would we replace it with? We are the most expensive and highly traded commodity on the Planet. Not Oil, Not Gold, Nothing. We Buy and We Sell.

    Keep strong in your position, keep to the basics and it should be alright. There are options, terms and agreements that can settle any matter. We just keep trying to find the ones that work the best for the task at hand. You got this.