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We’re here to support your membership. This page is the only official method to get in touch with Solutions Empowerment, to receive direct private assistance for an individual matter pertaining to your membership. Our discussion will then continue by email, whereby you can simply reply to that email. For a new matter, please return to this page to create a new communication with our team.

This is a self-empowerment website for your learning experience, to learn the principles of forgotten concepts to create solutions, from within. 

This includes a community of like-minded members where you can support each others learning, through creativity and networking through online & physical group collaboration.

We invite you to first add your question on the community forums, or community groups; other members can then support you with their answers, as well as you being there for others to share your own experience.

We’re also here to support any website/operational issues, or other communication with us – just use the form below for each inquiry.

Getting Assistance from Membership Support

Contact Questions Protocol


Watch the appropriate webinars, which were designed to leverage the founder’s time & take the overload from the founder


Ask the question within the members discussion forums where relevant as several members are competent to help answer the questions


Get your questions answered briefly & directly from the Founder of SE, every 2nd and 3rd Wednesday evening of the month with dedicated online Q&A sessions


Some answers can be identified by looking deep within the inner-self and reflecting on personal judgement, morals or intuition.


For some questions, the answer/s can be found by conducting a few web searches, without a recent history of censorship (DuckDuckGo or better)


Complex questions can be alternatively answered by booking an appointment with a Solutions Empowerment (SE) consultant when available, and


Our support team may assist in basic questions where the above are not helpful (form is below), or


On the very rare occasion and where the above were insufficient the founder may attempt to assist