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Effect of Vaccinations


Sent:Wednesday, 7 July 2021 8:12 PM

To: Anthony

RE: Fw: Dr Sherri Tenpenny

I just read the word document and a friend of mine told me that he saw that skin shedding first hand last week at the hospital where he works. He’s been an agency nurse for 27 years and he and the ambulance guy discreetly discussed that very thing with a person who was brought in with serious complications after taking the vaccine. The ambulance driver told my mate that he has seen the skin shedding thing is happening quite lot. This mate of mine has worked at hundreds of medical facilities hospitals clinics doctors surgeries ED departments aged care facilities all around Australia and has seen many people come into the hospitals with complications and sadly a number of them have died. NONE of them have actually has the Covid virus and most of them had NO prior or pre-existing illness. One doctor told him that in a small country hospital where the doctor worked there were 5 deaths from the Covid vaccine in a 2 week period. Naturally the real cause of death is usually not mentioned on the death certificate. We have a real problem not an imaginary one. Most of he media is 100% complicit and simply tell lies.

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