General Q&A: 08/03/2023

Question Answered During This Q&A Webinar

Note: the following questions are in order of appearance in the video

How to obtain Live Birth Record?

I have a non-registered trust – I am a builder – how do I get my clients to pay into the trust also tell them they don’t have to pay GST?

Do you let the court know, before you do it, that you are going to record them?

Recently pulled over by police, my license has been suspended and i have to appear for a summary judgement. Can I cancel proceedings?

How to hold SPUR accountable? Mark says” SPUR has no authority to suspend a foreign State’s license, so to protect yourself, get your driver license in a neighbouring state”.

What have you changed since starting? How is this document inchoate? (Supreme Court 2012 said, “a statement of account is not an inchoate instrument”) So, I switched from using inchoate to incomplete.

I want to discharge a speeding fine, (7km over) with a Bill of Exchange. Also, how do I sign, the drawer and drawee sign?

With a BOE or Promissory Note…What do I do when they say, “we don’t accept that form of payment” (where does it say in the BOE act that a payment refused discharges a liability?) and there is a maximum, “A payment refused discharges the lability”)

Telstra Bill has a tear away section at the bottom. (leave payment but in red cross off slip and write Money Order)

Sum Certain or Sum Payable? The minimum sum certain is the smallest whole dollar postage stamp.

Rates Notice… is an offer? When does it become binding?

Which is better a statement or affidavit Mark says, “Statements are not evidence”.

Taking Cops to Court – 4-fold counter claim?

How to use Guilty with Mitigating Circumstances?

Can you pay the court with Promissory Note?


How do you use a Notice of Liability?

Are you allowed to record people without telling them?

When do you move the court to make an order? (you’re the plaintiff and they haven’t put a defence in, then you can move the court for a default judgment and an un-rebutted affidavit)

In court, once you’ve established an agreement in court, is it okay to ask for a motion to dismiss? (did you express a No consent? then the answer is … no)

Non-Consent Process

Mail Fraud, what is it?

Can the ATO see my bank account?

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