Non-consent #3 Has Launched (mRNA for Animals / GM Foods) – Complimentary for Members, Donation for Guests

Non Consent to mRNA Vaccination of Livestock, Poultry & GM Foods in Australia

Has the issue of genetic modification of food sources, specifically genetic modification of livestock, poultry and agricultural crops caught your attention in recent times, particularly commonly through the mainstream media of recent times?

Are you aware of the implications to a consumer of genetically modified food sources, particularly that of genetically modified livestock and poultry by vaccinating same through implants of mRNA, the genetic strand single strand that replicates a host organism’s DNA and “transfers” it to combine with other single strand mRNA from the host organism to form the new DNA strand?

Do you know that mRNA vaccination of various livestock have resulted in instances of spontaneous livestock deaths varying from 20% to 100% of a herd because the host regards the foreign mRNA as a foreign invading matter that triggers as severe and fatal immune response?

Are you aware that consumption of genetically altered livestock can and does alter the genetic makeup of the consumer over time?

Are you even aware of a universal agenda to “cull” the earth’s population because of the philosophy the earth is extensively overpopulated by humanity?

Does it concern you that food supplies are being genetically modified as well as food supplies controlled to give the general impression of food scarcity and supply shortages?

Have you noticed the slow reduction, even disappearance of some raw food lines, whilst junk food remains on supermarket shelves, the remaining raw foods escalating in price?

So what are your alternatives and options?

  1. Grow your own food supplies, vegetables, meats, poultry, fish and eggs! Not so easy if you’re limited for time, space or resources-money.
  1. Form your own, or associate with existing, food co-ops. These may not be local, convenient or grow-supply all you require nor do many supply economical or budget priced produce or meats.
  1. Form your own small but motivated community and delegate the farming workload so all participant members benefit by the leverage of everyone doing their smaller fair share for the benefit of the whole community.  This may or may not work, takes time, money, land and same wavelength – minded folks.
  1. Stop the premeditated destruction of our food supplies. Stop GM of food supplies. Stop the introduction of mRNA vaccinated livestock and poultry by stopping the introduction of the legislation by pressuring politicians at the source, when the proposed bill is presented to Parliament.

Legislation for the mRNA vaccination of livestock and poultry is planned for Australia during the course of 2023.

Is that what you want? If not, here’s the deal offered by Solutions Empowerment, but we need numbers, LARGE NUMBERS of participants!

Solutions Empowerment have created a Non Consent to mRNA vaccination of livestock and poultry process whereby everyone who is against the pollution and destruction of our once pristine food resources can voice and express their objection to, and Non Consent to, the mRNA vaccination of livestock and poultry within Australia.

By as little as s $5AUD donation you can download a set of 3 Non Consent Demand Notices already completed but only requiring population of your personal particulars-details so when you complete each round of documents and deliver them by registered post mail to the appropriate respondents, you express in writing your objections to, and Non Consent to, the mRNA vaccination of livestock and poultry within Australia.

If enough people complete this process and many thousands of Notices are mailed to the respondent parties, the message hits home that the people have spoken and don’t want their food supplies messed with. There will be legal consequences upon the respondents should they pursue an agenda that harms the community.

Solutions Empowerment’s next step is to either form an association or align with a pre existing one, for the purpose of achieving financial clout and muscle in confronting governments, media and other “vested interests” such that the funds raised by the association members can be used as a war chest to take legal and other action/s against those that attempt or intend to harm the members of the Australian community.

Solutions Empowerment, in conjunction with other interests, also intends to take various legal and other actions with a view to stop, obstruct, slow down or reverse the agenda to contaminate and/or destroy the food supplies and food chains within Australia.

Your support is urgently needed. Does protection of your pristine quality food supplies within Australia resonate with you?

Join with us, complete the Non Consent to mRNA vaccination for animals process and get the ball rolling. Welcome to joining the community of “proactive food protectors” and get started today.

                                                                          Kind Regards

                                                                          Solutions Empowerment

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  1. This amazing resource has been supplied and made available to all members. If any of you in Australia want a clean food supply from farms that nourish you and the animals properly and leads to wonderful health all around, if any of you are sick and tired of the PTB poisoning the food supply because it makes them money and keeps you weak, then here is your opportunity to take EFFECTIVE action. The hard work has been done for you with world class documents having been prepared to send to the people who have been entrusted to spend our money wisely. These documents won’t be begging the ‘masters’ (servants who are out of control) it will be allowing you to take your rightful position as the master of our servants in publicly held offices (the servants who think they are now running the mansion) and to give them your instructions in a correct and legally binding way. If you are serious about wanting to change what is happening with our food supply with documents you can take all the way to the High Court, here is your chance!!! Act today!!!

  2. Hi there

    I have my documents ready to send.
    I have placed them in order for each person. I just went to a couple of JP’s in chermside and they refused to sign. 🙄
    I’m in between work so I’ll give another a go in-between clients.

    Does anyone know of a JP service around brisbane where I can get the declaration signed? I post them on the 19th.