Module 1B – Steps in the Transition from the Public to the Private Realm (Part 1)


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New members are often confused or lack proper understanding of what is meant by the “private” and the “public” realm, what it means and how it affects them.

Others ask;

1. What does this mean, and/or
2. What’s in it or me, what benefit is there for me to know or do this, to transition
from the public realm to the private realm?

Even “seasoned” members compromise themselves by incriminating themselves or otherwise cause themselves harm, thinking they know and understand the two very different but mirror image realms of the public and the private, and understandably so. No where in the public education system is this information taught.

The elite domicile themselves in the private realm, for privacy, peace and tranquility, maximum/optimum protection and self preservation, and for ease of wealth generation.

Have you ever pondered on why the elite and wealthy are so, why it is they appear “untouchable” and beyond the reach of public bodies that otherwise demand their fair share of your wealth, assets and productivity of your labour?

Have you ever wondered why life appears so tough, unfair, even at times draining, when you dreamed in your youth of riches, success and holidays in paradise, now only appearing as illusions?

Properly knowing and competently applying the knowledge, strategies and concepts within the private realm give rise to the very world of peace and abundance dreamed of in many people’s youth.

The Module addresses all the above questions and far more, so you will know precisely why the elite & wealthy domicile themselves within the private realm, where their assets as well as they themselves are;

1. Safe or at least far safer than in the public realm, and
2. They are largely “hidden” by reason of being far more low profile & invisible to the public “system”/realm, and
3. It is simpler, easier & safer to settle any outstanding matters concerning public issues, such as demand statements or notices, debts & public – corporate pirates, and
4. It is & can be your “get out of jail free” card, and
5. Life is far more peaceful, and
6. Life is far less cluttered in not having to devote so much of your valuable time completing public paperwork and/or dealing with the public realm, and
7. Life is far more prosperous in the private realm.

The Module discloses the key steps to transition from the Public to the Private realm, so you can obtain all the above benefits within the Private realm whilst still being able to interact with the Public realm where & when necessary.

Are you “hungry” for a better world and life, and prepared to learn and apply the knowledge of what it takes to set you (financially, mentally and emotionally) free?
If so, order the Module today and begin your journey to a new life immediately.


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