Module 1C – Reside & Conduct Business Within The Private Realm, Impact Upon Your Business, Finances & Life. Interaction With The Public Realm


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Are you aware that the private realm is the enclave of the rich, powerful, and high net worth men and women?

Do you want to receive the full benefits of the private realm?

And if you’re in business, are you maximizing the private realm benefits to your private commercial advantage?

It’s not always immediately transparent to the new or seasoned Member on how the public realm prevents, obstructs or precludes you from (rapid) wealth creation.

Tune into the webinar to find out how to bypass the obligations and liabilities of the public realm so as to free yourself financially and put yourself in the driver seat.

If you have (or have not yet) transitioned to the private realm, but are attracted to know how to conduct business (commerce) within this realm, as well as interacting with entities and persons within the public realm so as to achieve the following goals:

  1. Maximize opportunity for prosperity and achieve it, and
  2. Bypass the commercial public pirates (entities that in one manner or another take a share of the productivity of your labour, thus depriving you of opportunity to achieve rapid prosperity), and
  3. Live life in peace, tranquility, and be stress free, and
  4. Achieve real wealth (money, assets, friendships, education, travel, connections, opportunities).

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