Module 28b – How To Address The Court To Win Your Case


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Many people are finding themselves in Courts or Tribunals on the receiving end of litigation or charges & taking a hammering, even losing their properties, over minor (liabilities) debts or charges because they either cannot afford legal help or when they engage a legal representative, the lawyer compromises their case, often intentionally!

A media report only recently reported that costs of litigation, the legal paperwork, filing & engagement of lawyers, is now so prohibitively expensive that 80% of people are electing to self represent, a phenomenon that is scaring the #@&*$ out of the judiciary by reason it loses control over the proceedings because the Court can manipulate the case through your lawyer, to your detriment.

The downside to self representation is most people don’t know how to properly address the Court nor how to act as the Creditor or how to go about achieving an agreement with their adversary in Court in order to enable the Judge or Magistrate to;

1. Rule in your favour, or
2. Adjoin sine die (adjourned permanently so the case goes into limbo), or
1. Reserve their decision (& simply doesn’t make it at all or makes it against you as you are not there to obstruct the decision against you, so the key is to object in Court to prevent an adjournment decision)

An extract in a Book titled “The Invisible Investor” by Peter Trevellian, discloses how it is the job of government in every country, as the defacto royal family, (evidenced by a parliamentary transcript within the book) to redistribute people’s wealth & transfer it to government through the judicial system!

Have you ever been “cleaned up” by the judicial system?
Have you suffered commercially – financially at the hands of the Courts and their Court officers (Judges & lawyers)?
Do you have pending charges to be heard before the Court?

Want to save thousands on legal representation?
Want to know how to negotiate settlement in Court or have a matter dismissed, adjourned sine die, or settled in your favour?
Order the Module today, study, role play and apply the process of successful negotiations in Court to obtain the outcome you want and planned for.


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