Module 29 – Successfully Dealing With Councils


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One of the most pressing and growing issues facing a growing number of people is that of dealing with Council issues.

These issues mainly consist of;

1. Ever escalating burden and cost of rates against residential and
commercial property, and

2. Ever escalating cases of unwanted entry (trespass) to property, and

3. Ever escalating demands from and trespass by Council upon residents and rate payers, and

4. Ever escalating Penalty Notices and fines from Councils for make believe fictional claims of Council.

Do you have outstanding issues with your local Council?
Have you been unfairly or wrongly treated by your local Council and its staff?
Have you been overcharged for any services by Council?
Have you been ordered by Council to do things on your property that you don’t wish to do?
Is your local Council out of control?

Would you like to;

– Hold your local Council accountable?
– Keep them in check?
– Make them back off?
– Negotiate a settlement with them in your favour?

Order the Module today so you can learn not only how to deal with and settle any outstanding issue with your local Council but in qualified circumstances, to avoid ever dealing with Council again, so as to have a greater flexibility regarding the use of your property while enjoying a higher degree of peaceful possession of your property.


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