Module 46 – International Declaration of Human Rights


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Do you ever feel that you have no more rights, liberties and freedoms remaining in your State and Country of domicile, that what you had has been eroded and diminished over a period of time, that virtually nothing remains, thereby making you and your family extremely vulnerable to the demands, orders and wiles of the State?
Do you feel you and your family are slaves, owned by the corporations you conduct business with, that you have no say whatsoever in the terms and conditions with all that you deal with?

All this is simply an illusion and nothing can be further from the truth.
Your rights, liberties and freedoms remain intact, depending on who you believe you are. These rights, freedoms and liberties are enshrined in the international Treaty titled the “International Declaration of Human Rights”, made up of several components that includes, the “International Covenant on Human Rights”, the “Universal Declaration of Human Rights” and the “International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights”.

The Module includes the above document so the reader can peruse for themselves all the rights available and that they remain intact, are applicable today and appliable no matter where you reside today.

Never believe you have no rights, liberties and freedoms today nor
that you cannot exercise them today or restore them if they were suppressed or hidden from you.

You have every right, ability, status, standing, authority and jurisdiction to claim your various freedoms today and forever.

If you’ve felt vulnerable, helpless, quashed, suppressed or otherwise restricted of your rights and freedoms, want to break out and do something about it, order this Module today and learn all about your rights.


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