Module 74 – Protect, Preserve & Uphold Your Political Status As a Private Wo/man


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Do you ever feel nobody from any tier of government ever pays attention to your requests, demands or directions? Do you wonder why?

Do you desire “authorities” to take notice of your expressed wishes and comply with your requests, demands and directions?

This Module discloses how your status as a man or woman and “the boss” is recognised by public authorities and how you may exercise your status to direct, demand or command authorities to comply and/or perform as you directed. Support documentation as well as examples of performance by the public authorities when directed to do so, are also provided. Travel unencumbered and freely locally and/or internationally, whether restricted by CV lockdowns or not. Bypass public obligations, such as tax and infringements by virtue of your change of political status as a wo/man. Order this valuable but inexpensive Module for only $49 today.


Protect, Preserve & Uphold Your Political Status As a Private Wo/man (Recording of webinar to explain the module topic):


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