How to Use Coupon Codes (For special access, discounts or promotions)

For our regular “promotions”, we keep it nice, easy & automatic – we usually don’t require you to enter a ‘coupon code’.

From time-to-time, we may privately provide special unique coupon codes to receive a free item, a discount, or a specific promotion which requires manual input of a code to redeem an offer. Most of our promos don’t need a coupon code, but sometimes it might, if you’re reading this, it will help you to understand where to input the code, and how to use the coupon code functionality on this platform.

There are two types of coupon codes, membership registration, and membership extra purchases. One is to become a member (with an annual membership subscription), and one is if you are already a member – you’re signed into your account, and you want to purchase an optional extra item.

Membership Registration

Please scroll back up and ensure you see the terms – if your coupon code was successful, they should have updated to something new.

Membership Extra Purchases

You can choose from a variety of extra purchases through our online shop, either a course, a workshop manual, a knowledge module download pack, or a non-registered trust, for example…

The process is like most cart/checkout experiences on the internet. You just need to input your coupon code on EITHER the CART or CHECKOUT pages, once you’ve already added your chosen product(s) to your cart.



If you need further assistance, please take a screenshot of the error, and get in touch with SE support.

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