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Webinar: Deliver Payment By Way Of Promissory Note To Discharge A Debt

Of all our available options, this is our personal favourite. Promissory Notes are cash!

If outstanding debts cause you anxiety or stress, then attending this module to attain relief is a must.

Of course, recent examples where this payment process was successfully applied will be presented.

MEMBERS-ONLY (optional additional purchase)

Module 8 – “Deliver Payment By Way Of Promissory Note To Discharge A Debt” documents pack is now available.

You may purchase these support documents for an additional (affordable) fee with immediate download. They are available if you’d like to save lots of time by having our documents ready to support you on your way whilst providing valuable guidance. Experience level of 20+ years.

Kindest Regards
Mark & team
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  1. Hello all, I am assisting my son with a fine, I organize some of his paperwork but not all. He thought I paid his vehicle registration but I didn’t.
    Anyway he has a fine of $1,401 to pay.
    I am so busy lately decided the easiest approach would be to just accept the fine but arrange a payment arrangement.
    We completed the application form & nominated $3.00 per month. I stated he was struggling financially due to the current environment & can not afford to pay any more.
    I also have a fine which I pay $2.00 per month.
    I send one cheque monthly for $5.00 with a letter explaining $3.00 is toward my sons fine & $2.00 is toward my own fine.
    They are not happy with this & say the applications cannot be processed as the nominated payment instalment amount is too low.
    I respond to each letter they send by post, do not answer their calls or emails. I have specifically asked them to contact me by post only.
    My son has contacted them and authorised for his mother to handling his situation.
    Today he received a txt message advising his license would be suspended in a few days if he does not pay $1,800. So they have added extra fees onto his fine without notifying us.
    The $5.00 monthly payments we are making have been presented & come out of my bank account, however they have not split the cheque $3.00 for my sons fine & $2.00 for mine, instead credited the entire $5.00 payment onto my fine & not credited my sons fine at all.
    We have sent two cheques in total now for the past two months.
    I have explained with each payment that we are both having financial difficulties but being honourable by making payments although only small.
    They have asked us to increase the payments or do community services otherwise penalties will apply.
    I phoned them today & was informed it is legislation & in the ACT that we must pay minimum of $10.00 per fortnight. I asked them for a copy of this legislation or ACT but was refused & told to look it up myself.
    Can anyone advise what I should express in my next letter Please…….
    Thankyou… Love & Peace to all.

    1. Hi Denia,
      My suggestion to you is to copy and paste this and put in the forums, where other community members can have a look and give their opinion on what has (or might) worked for them.
      Alternatively you can book a private consultation (only a few spots left for October with Mark).
      Have a great day!