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Webinar: Guest speaker Peter Duff – Foundations

Hi folks,

In response to several requests from our members we announce a guest speaker: Peter Duff, creator of the “New Humanity” Foundations. A tool to conduct business within the private realm (equivalent to a company within the public realm) with a major difference. He will present to our members the next & final zoom webinar for 2021, on Wednesday 7pm Sydney/Melbourne time, 6pm Brisbane time on the 15th December.

A Foundation is a total firewall to the public, it cannot be “seen” (recognised) by the public and hence it has no responsibilities, obligations or liabilities to the public realm. Peter Duff’s Foundations operate worldwide. For those folks who are unclear of what has just been said, the Foundation does not and cannot operate or deal in the public. It has no obligations nor liabilities to the public realm.

Naturally, trading low key with the purpose of not attracting unnecessary attention is always preferable. But when you fully comprehend the nature of the two different realms, private and public, and you know how to competently straddle them and hold your position on the rare occasion (if ever) it is tested, it enables you to lead a tranquil and prosperous life, even in challenging economic and financial times.

For people, especially in business with the many costs of operation, just this competitive advantage of trading through a Foundation may make the difference between surviving these oppressive lockdown times and closing shop.

Tell your business contacts to join this webinar by becoming a member of Solutions Empowerment and help them to survive and even prosper again.

Set up your own community under a Foundation!

The recorded webinar presentation commences at 7pm Sydney/Melbourne, & 6pm Brisbane time on Wednesday 15th December 2021.

MEMBERS-ONLY Recording of Q&A Session

Kindest Regards
Mark & team
Solutions Empowerment

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