Webinar: Round Table Role Play Meetings to Protect your Employment Without Taking A Jab Or Obtaining Compensation If Job Terminated


The economy was hit hard by the last Covid lockdown. Many lost their jobs, even their homes, because they exercised their right to refuse the jab.

There are more lockdowns scheduled worldwide under the false guise of stopping the spread of future pandemics.

This webinar is presented to teach people who to either;

  1. Retain their job without accepting any jab, or
  2. Obtaining just compensation for loss of job where no breach of contract was committed by you

If you are currently employed, it may be pertinent to notice your employer that you will never accept a jab for any disease due to adverse reactions to same, thereby giving advance notice and protecting your employment.

If the possibility of future lockdowns concern you and your job security is at risk, then this Module is an essential to your library.

You can order this valuable but inexpensive Module today for only $49.

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