Webinar: Settle Any Outstanding Matter With An Adversary At a Round Table Meeting

Every day we take calls with people in severe financial or legal trouble, often with litigation already underway.

The people feel the financial aggression & tyranny committed against them from the corporations and it has recently caught the eye of the media, such as the antics & aggression of the ATO (4 Corners), the police (foreign) corporations whereby their officers are ROUTINELY caught on camera committing acts of serious (USA – aggravated) assault against the people, home evictions by the banks, farmers evicted from their farms, elderly kidnapped into old people’s homes and their estate plundered by the state etc etc etc

The bottom line is corporations have budgets to meet and ever-increasing voracious demands for profits to meet their unknown – behind the scene – faceless internationalist investor/s & shareholders & you are the golden goose to supply & transfer your wealth & productivity to them by their extortive & legal process! Time to say NO MORE & ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

We here people’s complaint’s DAILY against these predators.

We see more & more people’s time being usurped into dealing with corporate parasitism, often draining the energy of the unpaid victims!

Do you feel – ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

Then come along & bring someone who feels like you, a victim of corporate aggression & parasitism! You may awaken their hunger to;

1. learn your rights & how to execute them, &

2. learn to negotiate effectively, competently and to your favour, &

3. enjoy a far less stressful life

Folks, its time to:

1. Know your rights & to exercise them, and

2. Unite into a statewide and Federal Community that has the MUSCLE of community support to voice & execute the rights & demands of its members, (Jeff D Hodges – The No Tolls Party, Qld & Federal, & looking for more candidates with integrity & honesty, Rod Cullerton etc etc) and

3. Learn to SETTLE matters in timely manner with least energy

Wednesday’s webinar is a process & method to settle 99% of outstanding issues in YOUR favour (namely claims or statements of account – Infringement Notices etc made by the corporate pirates-predators) AT a round table meeting with key employees & their legal representative meet with you & your advocate-witness!

Save time (writing notices to & fro) & money (preparing for & attending Courts, paying from your scarce resources the unjust – unconscionable claim for their self-enrichment) by settling matters at a round table meeting.

At Wednesday night’s presentation we’ll share the principles used to attain agreement between the parties in YOUR favour, & otherwise attain settlement of the matter that creates an estoppel against your opponent by MUTUAL AGREEMENT.

If you don’t yet fully understand, you will at the presentation. it’s simply a SIMPLE duplicatable PROCESS.

One meeting V potentially tens of thousands of dollars spent on legal costs, judicial costs, and your time & money.

There will be live role plays & examples of real settlements achieved using the (key principles of equity & negotiating agreements by assent) round table meeting process.

P.S. Recommendation: Purchase a (second hand for as little as $1) copy of at least one law-legal dictionary so as to comprehend the terminology used within this correspondence.

Our words are used against us by (alleged) authority & we are (usually correctly) deemed incompetent!

MEMBERS-ONLY (optional additional purchase)

Module 35 – “Settle Any Outstanding Matter With An Adversary At a Round Table Meeting” documents pack is now available.

You may purchase these support documents for an additional (affordable) fee with immediate download. They are available if you’d like to save lots of time by having our documents ready to support you on your way whilst providing valuable guidance. Experience level of 20+ years.

Kindest Regards
Mark & team
Solutions Empowerment

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