Webinar: Steps in the Transition from the Public to the Private Realm (Part 1)

Hi Folks,

Our next Wednesday Webinar is on 20th April 2022 at 7pm Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane time (AEST), and is titled…

“Steps in the Transition from the Public to the Private Realm (Part 1)”

As per requests over recent months from a number of our more recent members, our next Wednesday webinar is on the subject of transitioning from the public realm to the private realm. We have scheduled this subject matter for Wednesday 20 April 2022 at 7pm Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane time. We have titled the subject matter “Public v Private – Steps to Transition from the Public to the Private Realm”.

Naturally, some folks will ask;
1. What does that mean, and/or
2. What benefit is there for me to know or to do this?

The presentation will address these questions and much more, so that the webinar “attendee” will know precisely why the elite & wealthy reside themselves within the private realm, where their assets, as well as they themselves;

1. are safe, or at least far safer, than in the public realm, and
2. are largely “hidden” by reason of being far more low profile & invisible to the public “system”/realm, and
3. It is simpler, easier & safer to settle any outstanding matters concerning public issues, such as demand statements or notices, debts & public/  corporate pirates, and
4. It is, & can be your, “get out of jail free” card, and
5. Life is far more peaceful, and
6. Life is far less cluttered in not having to devote so much of your valuable time completing public paperwork and/or dealing with the public realm, and
7. Life is far more prosperous in the private realm.

We will share many (but not a conclusive list) of the key steps to transition from the Public to the Private realm, so that you can obtain all the above benefits within the Private realm, whilst still being able to interact with the Public realm where & when necessary.

We guarantee you will be so very pleased not to have missed this webinar! It’s the one to attend for this year! Better still, think of all the contacts you have who would love to know about, and access, the above listed benefits of the private realm! Invite them to join Solutions Empowerment as a member and begin their learning & life transition with the most impacting webinar we have.

MEMBERS-ONLY (optional additional purchase)

Module PP1 – “Steps in the Transition from the Public to the Private Realm (Part 1)” documents pack is now available.

You may purchase these support documents for an additional (affordable) fee with immediate download. They are available if you’d like to save lots of time by having our documents ready to support you on your way whilst providing valuable guidance. Experience level of 20+ years.

MEMBERS-ONLY Recording of Q&A Session

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Solutions Empowerment

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