Affordable Modules

1.      Deal with an infringement/fine/penalty from a state debt recovery office, protect
your license from fines, reinstate your license

2.      Deliver Payment By Way Of Money Order (Acceptance For Value “A4V”) To Discharge A Debt

3.      Dramatically Improve Your Settlement Success Rates By Knowing How To Hold Your Position

4.      Deliver Payment By Way Of Bill Of Exchange To Discharge A Debt

5.      Trusts, As A Tool To Protect Your Estate

6.      Accept a Public Offer To Contract (eg Statement of Account) On Your Terms

7.      Deliver Payment By Way Of Promissory Note To Discharge A Debt

8.      Property Protection Strategies

9.      Legally & Legitimately Minimise Tax (Personal And/Or Business Tax)

10.  Darren Dickson & The Queen of Australia High Court Challenge (UK High Court)

11.  Learn To Leverage & Compound Your Resources To Accelerate Your Wealth Generation

12.  How To Address Police When Confronted By An Officer

13.  Apply the Office of the Commonwealth Public Official To Stop Tyranny From Public

14.  How to Address Police and hold Position during Covid-19

15.  How To Address The Court To Win Your Case

16.  The Claim of Right Process (Stake Your Claim)

17.  10 Ways To Discharge Debt

18.  Strategies to discharge Credit Card Debt

19.  Stop Or Prevent Mortgage Foreclosure. Debt Restructure, Debt Relief

20.  Settle Any Outstanding Matter With An Adversary At a Round Table Meeting

21.  Successfully Dealing With Councils

22.  Pursue Debts, Debtors & Breach Of Contracts

23.  Prevent Construction of or Remove Existing 5GTowers

24.  Defending a Claim Through The Courts

25.  Strategies To Deal With CV19 Lockdown

26.  How to Never Ever Pay a Road Toll Again

27.  The Uniform Commercial Code Financing Statement (Form 1) – To Claim Control Over
Your Assets

28.  File A Formal Complaint To Achieve Your Favoured Outcome

29.  International Declaration of Human Rights

30.  Application For Declaratory Judgement

31.  Exerting Pressure Points to Settle Any Matter

32.  Fast Start To The New Year

33.  Completed Defence Forms

34.  Overview of the New Vaccination Non Consent Process

35.  Court Role Play (How to competently address Court & win your case and/or have the
case set aside sine die or dismissed)

36.  How to Prevent Forced Business Closure During Lockdowns

37.  Secure Proof of Property Title

38.  File a Writ Of Habeas Corpus – To Release a Wrongfully Imprisoned Wo/man

39.  Debt Recovery Process, Creditor’s Statutory Demand For Payment of Debt

40.  Survive The Potential Upcoming Economic & Social Collapse

41.  Deal With Restrictions To Your Rights To Freedom Of Movement In Your Country Due To
a Covid or Other False Flag Lockdown

42.  Exercise Your Rights to Work, Visit, Associate, Travel, Without Vaccination or Face Mask
– Exemptions

43.  Factors To Consider in Land/Property Purchase

44.  Stop or Prevent Sequestration Order (For Bankruptcy)

45.  Prevent your children being vaccinated at school

46.  How To Draft and Apply Affidavits and Declarations Effectively

47.  Forms of Land Title (plus Freedom To Travel)

48.  Address The Family Court To Win

49.  How to Hold Your Position When Trust Property (Res) Is Under Attack

50.  Private Prosecution As A Strategy To Achieve Your Remedy

51.  The Highest (Prevailing) Form of Jurisprudence (Law) Universally; Rules Of Equity
(Why you win when you apply it)

52.  Guest speaker Peter Duff – Foundations

53.  How to address workplace pressure to accept the jab or face the sack

54.  Strategies to Win Tenancy Disputes (with Examples)

55.  How To Apply Set Up Questions To Settle Any Matter In Your Favour & Win

56.  Options To Address a Summons / Notice to Appear

57.  Strategies & Action Plan to Turn Around the Lockdown Tyranny

58.  Court Application To Set Aside a Default Judgment

59.  Steps in the Transition from the Public to the Private Realm (Part 1)

60.  Cashflow v Living Costs – Simple Steps To Dramatically Improve Your Financial

61.  How To Deal With Being Arrested By Police

62.  Deed Of Reconveyance (Guest Speaker – Muki)

63.  Legally & Legitimately Minimise Your Tax Liability (A Review Update)

64.  Non Registered Trusts As a Means Of Asset Protection (A Review Update)

65.  Strategies To Prevent An Arrest

66.  Strategies to prevent home intrusions

67.  Strategies To Prevent or Obstruct Attempts At Land Appropriation (Unlawful Resumption
& Theft Of Your Property)

68.  Language, Words To Use & Not Use or Avoid When Communicating With The Public Realm

69.  Options To Deal With the Requirement for Supply of Director’s ID

70.  Achieved Successes & The Reasons Why (Part 1)

71.  Achieved Successes & The Reasons Why (Part 2) – Civil Proceedings & Private

72.  Achieved Successes & The Reasons Why (Part 3) – Live Role Plays

73.  And many more.