Non-consent Notice Generators

Easily Generate Official Documents to Express Non Consent to Government Authorities. Honourable, Lawful & Legal.

Notice the government & other relevant authorities that you do not consent to any offer to be forcibly vaccinated (either mankind or animal food sources), to be locked down, or for Company Directors to submit to new terms without consent (such as Digital ID). This is complimentary for members, and available to non-members for a small contributional donation.

What is a non-consent notice?

A long standing Maxim of Law is one that says if one fails to express one’s non consent to an offer, any offer, made by an offerer, then it’s taken that one has accepted the offer by assent, through one’s silence. Our platform provides a semi-automated notice generator where you just input your details, read understand and agree to the final generated document, and send to the relevant governmental authorities.

Does it really work?

Legislation (Codes, Acts, Statutes) is not law. (Flournoy v First Nat Bank of Shreveport, 197 La. 1067, 3 So.2d 244, 248), (In Re Self v Rhay Wn 2d 262), (Koenig v Flynn, 258 N.Y. 292, 179 N.E. 705, 707; Ward v State, 176 Okl. 368, 56 P.2d 136, 137; State ex rel. Todd v Yelle, 7 Wash. 2d 443, 110 P.2d 162, 165) and (Self v Rhay, 61 Wn 2d 261). Legislation is man made.

Man is not subject to man made law (legislation). “Every man is independent of all laws except those prescribed by nature. He is not bound by any institution formed by his fellow man without his consent” (Cruden v Neale ZNC 338 May Term 1796).

No corporate jurisdiction over the natural man (Penhallow v Doanne’s Administrators 3 U.S. 54; 1 L.Ed. 57; 3 Dall. 54, Supreme Court).

A direction or order is neither law nor legislation. There is no legal or lawful requirement to comply with any direction or order.

An agreement with Government, Government agents and authorities is achieved by your consent or assent (your silence to an offer). There is no legislation on earth that can trespass, override, diminish or annul an agreement or contract.

Hence your silence to an offer by Government, Government agents and authorities can and often will give rise to agreement, by your assent through your silence in expressing your non consent or opposition to any Government direction or order.

The purported requirement by any party to comply with a Government order or direction so is only hear-say and a bluff designed to mislead you into believing you are compelled or obligated by law to surrender up to Government agencies, authorities or employees your rights when nothing is further from the truth.

However to avoid your entrapment, by an assented to agreement, to any Government or Government agency, authority or employee offer compelling you to “comply” with their order or direction, you only need to express to them in writing your non consent to their offer and that you reserve your rights at all times.

What about petitions?

To petition is the begger begging the master to perform or omit some task. It is the master’s discretion whether to do so or not. It may or may not result in a favorable outcome to the petitioner, but it never establishes an agreement of or between the parties, whereas;

The default of each of the three step (4 steps with Affidavit) private administrative process (PAP) by way of written and delivered notices, if none of the three steps are answered and the assertions rebutted with evidence by the respondent/s, gives rise to a private agreement and private default judgment in favour of the sender and against the respondent/s. The agreement in one specific example, includes, among other things, an exemption granted to the Director of having to supply their Director ID information. Or, an exemption granted to not being vaccinated, etc. It is thus far superior in effect than a petition.

To do both processes (PAP and a “Mandate” not “petition”) is superior again by reason a Mandate by the mandator is a command to the respondent to perform. The party that commands is the master whereas the respondent is the slave.

How to use

There are now 4 types of semi-automatic non-consent generators available.

Each style has its own merits and application. All you need to do is input your data in the forms, then follow (very carefully) the instructions pertaining to each form and each round of forms. It will provide you with a carefully & skillfully crafted legal document that you can print and send to representatives of government, their agents or other designated respondents.

This legal few-step non consent notice notification process then automatically gives rise to an agreement between all parties, you and the respondents, that you do not consent to comply with the respondent’s orders and/or directions, nor are you required to comply with same, being an honourable, proper and appropriate way to conduct your business ‘in commerce’, being the commercial or public realm.

If your country is not listed yet, and primarily speaks English, please get in touch with us (via contact page) if you can help us with the key respondents in your country, so that we can make a version for your country.

Non-consent Notification Process Generators

The purpose of the Non Consent Vaccination process is to notice all the appropriate authorities that you do not consent to any offer to be forcibly vaccinated, whether through coercive means or otherwise, that you reserve your rights at all times, and that an agreement is reached whereby all parties agree you are not required nor compelled to be vaccinated.

This second process is not unlike but is not a Non Consent Process, instead to is to command authorities to Cease and Desist immediately with the lockdown agenda and to revoke it. This process was claimed to have been the integral effective strategy to end lockdowns in Sweden during the course of 2021.

The third Non Consent notification process addresses the issue of ensuring all people have a right to access clean, healthy, unadulterated, uncontaminated, non mRNA jabbed livestock & non Genetically Modified (GM) food sources within Australia by each participant expressing their Non Consent to the mRNA jabbing of livestock and poultry and directing the three step notification process to the appropriate respondents. An agreement is reached when the respondents fail to reply to each step of the notification process, the agreement being that livestock and poultry will be exempt from mRNA vaccination, that if jabbed, the respondents themselves are liable personally for the consequent and verifiable damages caused the consumer (“the victim”) of mRNA vaccinated livestock and poultry and agree to compensate the victim immediately from their own pocket upon presentation upon presentment of a demand notice and accompanying invoice.

The fourth Non Consent notification process addresses the issue of orders and directions, but not legislation, by various agencies of Government to force Directors to provide personal private information, information that may and will be used against the director when convenient for Government. This process results in agreement between the parties (the Director and the respondents) that the Director is not required to comply with orders and directions to provide Directors ID without penalty, thus protecting the rights of the Director against abuse by Government and its agents.

The Fifth Non Consent notification is now here. Solutions Empowerment have created a Non Consent to Digital ID process whereby everyone who is against giving their personal ID information away to big untrustworthy and oppressive Government within Australia, can participate. By as little as s $5AUD donation (Non Members, free to Members) you can download a set of 3 Non Consent Demand Notices already completed but only requiring population of your personal particulars-details, so when you complete each round of documents and deliver them by registered post mail or email to the appropriate respondents, you express in writing your objections to, and Non Consent to, delivering up to the federal Government your private and personal ID information. If enough people complete this process and many thousands of Notices are mailed and emailed to the respondent parties, the message will hit home hard that the people of the Commonwealth of Australia have spoken and won’t be giving up their personal ID information. There will be legal consequences upon the respondents should they pursue an agenda that harms you and the community.

Solutions Empowerment’s next step is to either form an association or align with a pre existing one, for the purpose of achieving financial clout and muscle in confronting governments, media and other “vested interests” such that the funds raised by the association can be used as a war chest to take legal and other action/s against those that attempt or intend to harm the members of the Australian community. Solutions Empowerment, in conjunction with other interests, also intends to take various legal and other actions with a view to stop, obstruct, slow down or reverse the agenda to enslave and subsequently destroy the Australian people. Your support is urgently needed. Does protection of your pristine freedoms, rights and liberties, encapsulated in your own personal ID, resonate with you? Join with us, complete the Non Consent to Digital ID process and get the ball rolling. Welcome to joining the community of “proactive protectors of freedoms, rights and liberties” and get started today.