Membership Agreement

Solutions EmpowermentTM Private Membership Agreement

By the applicant completing this membership agreement (the agreement) the applicant recognises, acknowledges and agrees with the following;

Clause 1: Solutions EmpowermentTM;

  1. Is an educational and information delivery and sharing facility
  2. Is a self help and self empowerment website
  3. Does not make any claims
  4. Does not provide legal advice
  5. Provides the member with educational services and products
  6. Provides the member with the experiences, knowledge, strategies, ideas, application thereof and examples of real successful outcomes achieved by the Founder and others
  7. Does not share personal information of its members to any external party
  8. All commercial products and services on the Solutions EmpowermentTM website (the website) is the exclusive intellectual property of Solutions EmpowermentTM
  9. Retains all rights exclusively over its property and products, including but not limited by, its trade marked brand name
  10. Attempts and endeavours to provide its members with the most recent, useful and successful information, strategies, knowledge and real successful settlement outcomes for the benefit and education of its members

Clause 2: Terms and Conditions of Membership

Note: These terms and conditions govern the member’s use of the Solutions EmpowermentTM  website (“this” or “the” “website”). By accessing this website and its products and services the member is acknowledging and accepting the terms and conditions of use of the website as well as the exclusive right of Solutions EmpowermentTM  to change aforesaid terms and conditions at its sole discretion. The members ongoing use of the website subsequent to any change/s is their acknowledgement and acceptance of the new terms and conditions. Please check these terms and conditions regularly.

Membership of the Solutions EmpowermentTM website

  1. Is for a period of twelve (12) calendar months beginning on the date of membership payment
  2. Expires/terminates automatically at the end of the 365th day from the payment date
  3. May be cancelled prior to Membership expiry date to prevent charge to credit card for automatic Membership renewal
  4. Members are notified by email two weeks prior to membership expiry of their membership expiry date
  5. Is $129.00 Australian first year
  6. Is automatically annually renewal at $99.00 Australian Dollars
  7. Has a referral fee for first year Membership of $30 paid to an existing member for every referral member they refer that joins and pays their own Membership fee
  8. May be accepted or refused by Solutions EmpowermentTM at its sole discretion
  9. May be terminated by Solutions Empowerment at its sole discretion
  10. All free or paid Solutions EmpowermentTM Website courses, content and module video explanations (webinars) are available to view by active current Solutions EmpowermentTM members. Active current Solutions EmpowermentTM members may access any other facility, including but not limited by community forums, on the Solutions EmpowermentTMWebsite. Upon membership termination or expiry, unless the membership is renewed and current, the Solutions EmpowermentTM Website access will be immediately restricted.

The member

  1. Abides at all times to/by all terms and conditions of membership
  2. Will not resell or onsell any Solutions Empowerment product or service without obtaining expressed permission in writing from the founder of Solutions Empowerment
  3. Will not use any Solutions Empowerment product or service against Solutions Empowerment
  4. Will not use any Solutions Empowerment product or service in a detrimental manner nor in a manner to harm any man, woman or themselves
  5. Will not use any Solutions Empowerment product or service in an illegal or unlawful manner, in any manner that is dishonourable and/or that will bring or attract disrepute to and/or is detrimental to Solutions EmpowermentTM
  6. Will not give his/her membership number to any other person for the purpose of entering the log in of Solutions EmpowermentTM’s website

Clause 3: Basic Membership Inclusions

  1. Unlimited and unrestricted access to over 65 live recorded webinars and growing, of 60min to 90 min duration, each on its own unique subject matter
  2. Collaboration, support, and peace of mind that comes from knowing you’re a part of a collective collaborative community of like-minded members
  3. Our advocacy of and support of our members rights, freedoms and liberties, by revealing, teaching, upholding and expressing those rights, freedoms and liberties
  4. Access to a community platform to;
  5. Connect with, interact and network with other like minded members
  6. Ask questions and receive answers from more experienced and seasoned members
  7. Help answer and assist other members
  8. Accelerate your learning
  9. Two free monthly zoom Q & A sessions of one hour duration each that you can attend where you, along with other members, can ask whatever questions you like and Mark endeavours to answer
  10. Obtain Modules that contain documents, in word.doc format, from the online Shop, each Module supporting the live recorded zoom webinars, at half the price of Non Members  
  11. Receive email notifications of periodic marketing specials from time to time on a range of Solutions Empowerment products and services
  12. Access to other leading quality products and services affiliated with Solutions Empowerment
  13. Access to a growing Number of automated Non Consent written processes, such as the No Vaccination and No To Lockdown processes
  14. Monthly Newsletter from Mark
  15. And more

Clause 4: Grounds for Membership Termination

  1. Any breach of the above terms and conditions by the offending member
  2. Insulting, abusive, disrespectful, dishonourable language to other members, to Solutions EmpowermentTM or its founder, employees or agents by the offending member

Clause 5: Reserved Rights

Solutions EmpowermentTM reserves exclusively the right to set the price of membership and all its website product and service charges.

Clause 6: Miscellaneous

  1. Any onselling by any party of Solutions EmpowermentTM’s intellectual property for commercial or personal financial gain without the prior expressed written consent of the founder is a trespass against Solutions EmpowermentTM
  2. Where there is any controversy or dispute between a member and Solutions EmpowermentTM or its Founder, employees or agents, or any other member (the parties), the parties agree to resolve the issue privately, honourably, amicably, responsibly and timely

Clause 7: Refund policy:

  1. If the member requests a refund in writing through email and in writing sent via normal mail/post within their first twenty-four hours of purchase, of membership, product or service, Solutions EmpowermentTM (SETM) will provide a refund providing the member grants SETM access to try and remedy any issues. Any refund request must be received within twenty four hours from the time and date of any purchase. No refund will be paid if there is any evidence or potential evidence that the member has utilised any information, product/s and/or service/s from this website.
  2. All such requests must be emailed to: In a refund request the member must include the following.
  3. Their full name, address, the date and time of their purchase.
  4. Why they felt they needed a refund
  5. Stating clearly and specifically the areas, the product or service, they were not happy with

Clause 8: Legal:

  1. The Membership Agreement (the agreement) shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the Commonwealth of Australia applicable therein.
  2. Signing the Membership Agreement means the parties agree to the terms and conditions of the “Membership Agreement”.
  3. Any breach of the agreement is to be remedied immediately and as soon as practically possible.
  4. Any breach of the agreement not remedied within an agreed or practical time, the defaulter of the agreement (defaulter) will be noticed in writing or orally up to three successive times by the defaultee of the agreement (defaultee), with 72 hour intervals between notices, to remedy the breach.
  5. Failure of the defaulter to remedy any breach of the agreement after their default of three written or oral notices by the defaultee to do so may lead to termination of membership for breach of the Membership Agreement.
  1. I agree to the above terms and conditions:
    1. The Membership Agreement made and executed on this day.
    2. Agreement version v3.0 (8/8/22).