General Q&A: 08/05/2024

Question Answered During This Q&A Webinar

00:03:21 Brandon: Q. At the next court hearing (against bank), if I inform the magistrate that I have been trying to setup a meeting with the bank to settle privately and the bank have refused (and I can provide evidence of same). If I request an adjournment for 4 weeks on the basis that I am still actively trying to negotiate a settlement meeting with the bank, would I likely be granted the adjournment?

00:03:38 evina: Q

I joined another freedom group a year ago and paid with my credit card for the year. Now, the owner has charged my cc again without my permission. I’ve already sent them 2 emails but still haven’t received a response. Is there anything I can do?

00:04:00 Paul: How do you answer in court when the judge tests you by asking your date of birth and /or address, instead of your name. Do you agree only out of necessity like you answering to you name out of necessity. If not how do you hold your position?

00:04:05 Claude: Q) If I wanted to write up a private ‘rental’ agreement between to private men/woman, what private words would you use to replace public words such as:

1. Rental/rent  2. Lease agreement    3. Property/Premises    4. Tenant    5. Landlord     6. Term of lease     7. Security Deposit

00:04:10 Brandon: Q. I know that in most cases you won’t a judgment in your favour against the banks. But if the bank puts in an application for summary judgment could I expect that it is possible to get a judgment in my favour in that hearing (dismissing the application for summary judgment) providing I sufficiently hold my position and get the Plaintiff to incriminate themselves?

00:05:44 Paul: In the uk we haven’t a bar we have a witness box is this correct? The last time i was in a magistrates court they got me to stand at the front of the witness box (so the box was behind me) to get to answer my name etc. which i obviously didn’t but i noticed it had a fold downseats attached to the front face of the box , meaning i was standing forward with the fold down seat and box behind me. Do you think because of the attached seat that would be an extension of the box? therefore i could not be see or hear?..

00:06:09 Brandon: Q. If you were to say to your adversary in court “Do you have any evidence that a BOE is insufficient to discharge a liability?” – Wouldn’t they just refer to the case laws against BOE as their “evidence”?

00:06:48 Paul: PAP – private administrative process,.. could you please explain why this process works and where it comes from? i just would like to study more on it to support me whilst in court,…so i can hold my position better

00:07:26 Michael Dominic Russo: Q) Hi Mark. My wife just received a speeding fine from her former work.  I’m going to respond within 72 hours with fines and penalties and so forth to Queensland Roads… Do you have any  advice when dealing with this?

00:08:07 Paul: Do you really have to read all of your affidavit in court word for word, page to page and exhibits?

00:08:41 Brandon: Q. Does the Reg No. Or EIN No. on a Promissory note ever get questioned in court as to what it is? If so what would your answer (or reply question) be?

00:09:15 Lynley: Q8. If a Notice of Substituted Service has been posted in a local newspaper under Public Notices by the debt collectors [this month] specialising in local Government debt (collecting money that councils claim they are owed) listing a notice of proceeding, statement of claim [but approximately 6 months after they have actually filed a statement of claim last November without notifying the defendants/us at the time in fact we only found out last week], plaintiffs list of documents relied on, substituted service order with a court file number and the wording; “This notice advises you that unless, within 25 working days of this notice, you file in the registry of this court a statement of your defence to the plaintiffs claim, the plaintiffs may proceed to a hearing and judgment on the plaintiffs claim in your absence. Should you wish to obtain a copy of the proceedings you may contact the authorised agent for the plaintiffs who are Debt Management Central, PA 84005, Feilding, telephone 0508 436 269, email dmc@mw.

00:09:31 GlenGS: Q how do you become a PCO (public Commonwealth Officer) as it seems you have to be a politician or a position of high authority

00:10:55 Daisy Doone: QUESTION. Re driving license application form and signature, can the “all rights reserved” be at the end of the signature, slightly touching the signature rather than underneath?  Or must it be underneath?  as there is only a thin strip to actually sign on, and I know ideally you need the Capitalised name underneath as well, but there is no room unless one writes incredibly small, would you have any suggestions please?

00:11:49 Lynley: Q. What would the next step be if a Debt Collector for the council has unlawfully trespassed to serve documents and we’ve discovered in those documents that a statement of claim had gone through the courts without our knowledge?  We have thus far sent a bill for 2 x $750,000.00 to the debt collector as this is the second time he has trespassed our private land and we have asked the court if they are not liable for the damages as their servant trespassed, they replied it was the councils decision to do it so they are responsible for the debt collector trespassing.  There was a senior sergeant waiting for him at the locked gate and watching him trespass and we have this on our video footage.

00:15:09 Brian: I have a friend who won a high-profile case against her government employer over withheld pay for refusing the shots. The judge issued an oral statement for her judgment and only the transcript of the hearing was available. However, the court transcript states that it is copyright and therefore my friend is unsure if she can make it public. (P.S. we suspect the courts are doing this to conceal from the public that there is a lot more favourable judgment on non-compliance of the mandates than we are made to think) 

Q1. Is it true that the law can be copyrighted? 

Q2. Can she claim the copyright doesn’t apply to her or anyone she releases to?

Q3. How can she go about using the three step estoppel to get her remedy to release the transcript publicly?

00:15:11 Paul: ⦁ Living in the UK i have found it difficult to get hold of my source ID document, the living/ still born paperwork, seem the UK don’t have these documents and also changing my signture on my driving licence doesn’t seem possible either.  Would you know how the system works over here in the UK? or do you know any one that has successfully got their driving licence all right reserved or got their birth source document? 

If not do you think getting a full observation health check which includes, height, weight, body mass index (BMI), blood pressure, pulse rate, and oxygen saturation and ECG heart rhythem, then asking a doctor to confirm my health status and that i am indeed a healthy 46 year “man”,..not male by a doctors letter. I believe it may be possible by saying that due to the gender issues of late that i need evidence that i am a indeed man, not that i identify as a man i am a man. Would this not prove and serve as evidence that i’m a living man if presented in an affidavit in a court?

00:32:51 Paul: Q. When would it be a good time if using the Do Not Consent Process in court,… to ask the judge whether he or she will be pressing charging against the other party if they are guilty of anything such as assault, kidnapping etc

00:33:53 Paul: Q. When in court in the UK and answering that you only answer to the name out of necessity etc. How and why does this process work as is it not a statement? And what if they dont accept it, What do you do? or is it the PAP and the affidavit that helps confirm who you are.

00:34:21 Paul: Q. How do you prove that when answering to that name out of necessity that you’re not just someone in court with the same name?

00:34:50 Paul: . Could you explain Special Appearance and when it is meant to be used. Do you have to used it in a 3 step PAP and affidavit process when entering court?

00:35:16 Daisy Doone: QUESTION….  Eg Protest where the services of a notary cannot be obtained, section 95,   and for example the certificate of protest,  where you have AB, CD, EF GH etc within the Act,  do you  actually 

  leave the letters of the alphabet from the act with in the certificate or whatever document etc,  eg.    Daisy Doone {AB}, please excuse my ignorance if this seems  a silly questions.

00:38:41 GlenGS: Q trying to get all rights reserved to my drivers license. SERVICE NSW refused by sending me the letter saying I cant add “all rights reserved” to my license and I have to use a different signature which is fraud. This document they sent also has a pen signature but no name. They refuse to give me a name. I cant get any names except the CEO (whos on website).

Can i go after the person who signed this form (but has no name on it). How do i get this no named signature persons name. Go after the CEO as ACCESSORY TO FRAUD as he will want a please explain from this no name operson?

its too late now but if they send another refusal offer form, can modify it and sign it so it agrees to add “all rights reserved” to it

00:46:51 Lynley: Q8 continued… Is this considered proper service [as it is approx 6 months after they actually filed in November] and is it best to put in a statement of defence (using as an exhibit to an affidavit a three step notice as evidence of an out of court agreement with the council that the liability is discharged) even if there is no contract with this debt collector (phone calls by them contacting me not answered so no contract established with the debt collector)? if no pone has told me about the Notice in the paper can I just ignore it, what would happen if I did?

00:49:20 Michael J, QLD: Q. Why do you write “All Rights Reserved”? Instead of “All Rights Claimed”? Why not Claim your rights, rather than Reserve them??

00:49:49 Lynley: Q5. What questions could I ask the Bank if they have put us in hardship and have left us with no money after they put our account into a $5,000 overdraft to pay rates that were already discharged as per our agreement? We have also asked the bank who gave them the authority to take the money from our account without our consent and they have quoted some acts to us. Can they possibly foreclose if we miss a mortgage payment because we have no funds to pay them now as it is all being slurped up by the $5000 overdraw they put us into?

00:50:30 Chris: Q: Can my wife sign for registered mail delivered to me?

00:50:48 Lynley: Q7. Would it be better to access Kiwisaver (superannuation) to pay debt through hardship payment? My husband feels like it’s such a big hoop to get through with all the questions etc and it is a lot harder given we have 3 properties and our debt to equity ratio is low.

01:00:44 Chris: Q: As a tradesman and self employed, when filling in a tax return, you recommend put some income down but staying under the tax free threshold say $16k. If they look at your bank statements and $100k was credited. How can we say this small amount is income and the rest is productivity of labor when it comes form the same activity like electrical services?

01:12:58 GlenGS: Q FLAGGED BY BANK. how do you find out if you are flagged?

VENDETTA BY BRANCH MANAGER. they shut down my account solely because i wanted to withdraw cash (under 10g). Accused of being rude/unrowdy (which was false – no witnesses nothing). Told I couldnt access my account from inside any branch within Australia.

01:15:05 Train: Which bank was that? ☝🏼

01:16:05 GlenGS: CBA

01:17:06 GlenGS: the damage they did to me was massive  .. Im still preparing all the info. Im going to put it into discussions when im finished

01:18:05 Train: That would be great, it’s so wrong

01:19:05 GlenGS: there was collusion with another branch manager, they shut em down 10 days b4 xmas then locked my debit card 3 days b4 xmas

01:25:09 Pete:: Q Hi Mark ATO issued a debt collection notice for a fraudulent penalty for negligent tax return back in January via the ATO portal on line the notice has since disappeared which I took a screen shot of but the penalty is still showing but no debt collection threats does this mean I should ask for proof to ask where David(ATO dept Commissioner) has right to make judgement and apply penalties to finally knock the ATO off once and for all as it’s been over 2 years since the penalty

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