How to Cancel your Automatic Annually Recurring Membership Subscription

Want to cancel your membership at Solutions Empowerment? Firstly, we’d love to know why, as we sure will miss you, please send through any last words over on our feedback page if you can spare 30 secs! Follow the steps on this page to cancel your membership subscription, so that you won’t be automatically billed for another year membership upon your current subscription expiry.

  • Login to your SE membership account on a desktop/laptop computer (preferable)
    • Forgot your login / password? Request a password reset using the email address you registered with on Solutions Empowerment. If you no longer have access to the email you registered with on SE originally, please contact SE support.

  • There are 2 options to get to your Membership Subscriptions page
    • Slide out the side bar (upper left) and tap on My Membership
    • Tap on your profile photo (upper right), hover over Membership then tap Subscriptions
  • Verify your current membership subscription details, and tap Cancel, to stop the subscription.

Your membership will still remain active until the Subscription Expiry, we hope you enjoy the remaining time left. Please note we are unable to offer refunds for subscriptions that have not been cancelled before the expiry/renewal date.

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