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Webinar: Legally & Legitimately Minimise Your Tax Liability (A Review Update)

Hi Folks

For most folks, its that painful time of year again in completing their tax returns either in the hope of recovering some of the with held tax, or minimizing the amount of the hard earned proceeds of the productivity of labour that is to be paid to their respective tax office.

In response to several members’ communications:

  1. Requesting if there are any updates to the tax processes we advocate, and
  2. Expressing some of our processes are outdated, and
  3. Requesting another webinar as a result of the poor quality of the existing one, which due to poor bandwidth at that time, effected the presentation by intermittently freezing the screen,

We decided to present this extremely important subject matter again and answer all three of the above communications.

Most people have felt at some stage of their lives, if not most of their lives, the pain of surrendering or having had monies with held from the proceeds of the productivity of their labor, but don’t know either what they can legally and legitimately do about it or that they’re even unaware anything can be done to either prevent a portion or any of the proceeds of their productivity of labor having to be forwarded to the pirate or how to recover whatever amount was with held and forwarded to the pirate – parasite.

  • Are you even aware no tax office in any country is legal or legitimate?
  • Are you aware there are case law rulings by High Court Judges stating that very same fact?
  • Could you use those funds created by the productivity of your labor for better purposes than the pirate – parasite?
  • Do you want (more or full) control over what you earn?
  • What do you get in return from the tax office for giving up part of your valuable life force energy, the proceeds of the productivity of your labor?
  • Where does the tax dollar actually go after its been collected from you?
  • Do you know that most people lose somewhere between 62 and 90 cents in every dollar they earn as tax?
  • Did you know that tax is the number 1 weapon used by the establishment to prevent you from creating wealth and to prosper?
  • If you kept all that you earn, do you think you could be far better off financially keeping those hard earned dollars in your pocket?
  • Can you legally and legitimately bypass the pirate – parasite and create a far more prosperous life if you did?

Kindest Regards
Mark & team at
Solutions Empowerment

NOTICE: This is an invitation to a private members-only online forum for men and women. The speaker is not a lawyer & therefore cannot provide legal advice. Information delivered is for education purposes only & is the result of the speakers own research, application of knowledge, personal experiences and successes. The attendee is directed to conduct their own research & due diligence.

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  1. Would the technique of being a man or woman and asking for evidence that my labour is taxable or/and we were not given the option of not having to pay the dept or charges be applicable to council tax for local government please?


    1. I have four names but all versions of my name have appeared in different departments etc. Which name should I present as my Agent of Commerce? All “FOUR NAMES” and would this cover all of the entities. Again keep my sovereign name to first and last or all four names. TIA 🙂

  2. Howdy all,
    I am a Sole Trader that has to do BAS & GST. Can I use the Affidavit (living man & Living woman) & reduce “income” using bank statements as sustenance. Should there be an audit.

  3. Prior to doing an amended tax return would it best to wait for my source document to attach to my statement of facts? Or can this be done without my source document?