How to Reset your Password

Need to reset your password here at SolutionsEmpowerment.org? Follow this guide below…

  1. Go to the login page, and click Forgot Password
    • Fill in your email address that you use at SolutionsEmpowerment.org. You’ll also need to pass a security test, please click “I am human” (even though we know you are a Man or Woman)
  2. Check your email account and click the link to Reset your Password. Please also check your Junk Email or SPAM folder in case it was incorrectly received by your provider.
  3. Create a new password. The system can generate you a secure password, or you can enter in a memorable secure password. You will need to re-enter the password a second time to confirm.
    • Tap Save
  4. Login with your new password at SolutionsEmpowerment.org
Step 1 – Forgot Password
Step 2 – Notice to check email
Step 2 – Click link in email
Step 3 – Create a new Password & Save

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