Non-consent #4 Has Launched (Company Director’s Digital ID) – Complimentary for Members, Donation for Guests

We, at Solutions Empowerment, have been approached by numerous people in the recent months leading to the Direct ID compliance period of 30 November 2022, stressed at the thought of having to comply with alleged legislation, Orders and/or directions to supply information pertaining to Director’s ID.

The requirement is a nonsense as there is no legislation requiring compliance.
Further, an Order or direction is not law.
Hence there is no requirement for compliance, its that simple.
Sadly, not everyone understands the simplicity of this message.

No-­one and no legislation, statute, act or code on earth can over-ride, trespass, set aside or diminish an agreement or contract (Rules of Equity), as the Rules of Equity (defined as what is fair, just & equitable) prevails over legislation.

Solutions Empowerment have created an easy to follow 4 step NON CONSENT written notification process. Which you will see as OPTION 4 outlined below.

This four step notification process is mandatory because without noticing and expressing to the hierarchy of alleged authorities of your non-consent and your objection to supply of your information pertaining to Director’s ID it will be presumed by your silence that you have assented and agreed to it. Your silence is regarded as your agreement by assent.

Never ever remain silent on any issue you don’t consent and object to. You must express your non-consent by way of a written notification process.

What are my options if i am the director of a company?

These are the options for those people that act in the office of a Director:

  1. Resign as a Director, or don’t make an ASIC application for that office, or
  • If your business does not advertise or market its service or product within the public realm (via any form of media, social media, website (other than a website that offers a private membership) and doesn’t need to (many operate through word of mouth referals), then you may cancel your business or company registration and operate privately under a Foundation, a Foundation having the capacity to do everything your business or company name can do other than advertise or market, or  
  • If your business does require to advertise or market its service or product within the public realm, you might engage a proxy to act as your Director under your instructions, if this is practical, whereby you;
  1. Appoint your proxy under a private contract, the contract you keep, that specifies their precise role, tasks, conduct, performance, compensation package and all relevant terms and conditions, and
  • Control your proxy (behaviour and conduct) so as to “keep them honest” by having them sign an undated letter of resignation so if they themselves commit an offence or conduct themselves counter to your expressed wishes, you can simply date the letter of resignation prior to their offensive conduct and sack them, or
  • You proceed to the Non Consent to supply of Director ID information process, thereby holding your position and retaining your office as Director without having to comply with any alleged or proposed legislation, Orders and/or directions mandating the Director to supply their Director ID information.  

If you’re concerned about having to, or being compelled to, supply or provide your personal intellectual property – information to any alleged authority without your consent, as a result of the introduction of legislation, Orders and/or directions compelling the supply of your personal intellectual property – information pertaining to Director’s ID, then

A donation from only $5.00AUD permits you to participate and complete your Non Consent process immediately. Complimentary for members.

We wish you every enjoyment in completing the Non Consent process and every success with it.

                                                                          Kind Regards

                                                                          Solutions Empowerment

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