Module 33 – Completed Defence & Counterclaim Court Forms and Completed Defence and Cross Claim Court Forms


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Some folks are undergoing the stresses, costs, burdens of litigation. Most often, this is on the side of Defense or defending a claim.

Solutions Empowerment is all about self help. Teaching the strategies & processes to empower “YOU”, so a lawyer isn’t necessary & therefore the costs of litigation or defending a claim can be heavily reduced.

Most folks cannot afford the process of litigation, defending a claim, hence either appear before courts themselves as self litigants and lose the case, or they don’t appear at a proceeding at all & lose by default.

Defense litigants on average win 15% of proceedings-cases.

Plaintiff’s win on average 85% of proceedings.

Would you like to know the process to either win your case or have the matter adjourned sine die (permanently), amounting to a win without setting case law for others, but saving or protecting your estate from the pirates and parasites?

A key strategy we employ is a Defense AND Counterclaim (Cross Claim NSW). Why? To;

  1. Put added pressure on the Plaintiff (one of the key pressure point activities taught in the “Pressure Point Module), and
  2. Place the Plaintiff in the position of Counter – Defendant, whereby they now have to defend against your (Counter) claim. Remember, the average Defendant (includes Counter – defendant) wins only 15% of proceedings. You’ve now placed the probabilities of the game in YOUR favour.

The game can be “maneuvered to close to 100% in your favour with some added features, shared on the webinar.

If you’re involved in a civil legal proceedings or know of someone involved in same, are stressed and looking for solutions and remedy, this is the webinar for you!


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