General Q&A: 11/10/2023

Question Answered During This Q&A Webinar

00:08:19 Aaron: Q: If we go through the Deed of reconveyance process, will the private administrative process still be effective? What would you foresee being the biggest challenge/s to hold one’s position? i.e. What would be the best process to use?

00:09:28 Jackson: Gday mate how ya going

Q : I accidentally sent notices to the boss and NOT THE PROSECUTOR… I have court coming up on 20 October. I’ve already sent my first and second notice to both the informant, and who I thought was the prosecutor….. however, I just found out that the man who I thought was the prosecutor is actually not the prosecutor, but the boss who signed off on the charge sheet. I completely messed up and turns out. I haven’t sent any of the notices to the actual prosecutor. What should I do?

00:12:42 Jay: Q, Did I make a right choice to choose mediation instead of a trial over a credit card debt and can you suggest a good setup question to the lawyer involved with the mediation session?

00:14:49 Robert: Hi Mark I am doing the affidavit to submit with the my mothers will for probate as you said and purchased the document pack that’s for affidavits I am unsure which template to use would you suggest the Declaration in the Form of an Affidavit or I could use the one the courst offer for probate and add the points you put in your templates and my submissions

1. I have first hand personal knowledge of the facts within this my Declaration.

2. I believe that the allegations of fact in the Notice and this Declaration are true.

3. I am over the age of twenty one and competent to testify if so required.

4. I am a living breathing man. etc etc… an

What do you recommend?

00:19:48 Jay: Q, How to write up a BOE and give to my adversary in person as opposed to a later date mentioned in the BOE module?

00:22:50 Aaron: Q: If we have completed the deed of reconveyance process, how do we deal police roadside etc.. ?

00:23:20 Shaun: question-hi mark. what are some of the ways that your foundation may invoice your business to teduce taxable income and/or your unregulated trust? thanks

00:24:49 Clayton: Hi Mark, new to the site and have been attempting to get through you content.

I’ve already claimed my corporate name having made my UCC 1 filings.

My only real debt is a car lease via Macquarie & I’m wondering what success you or your members have had paying with a promissory note drawing on one of my associated CUSIP accounts

Also what success has anyone had purchasing a new car from a care yard in Brisbane/SEQ?Thanks

00:25:01 :Samuel: L: Q. With bills of exchange can the sum certain be higher than the sum payable? In one of the videos where someone was offered $20K for offences done to them how can one re-draft the offer to include a sum certain that is more than the $20k offered to him. In this video I think the person had something done to him by a religious organisation

00:25:42 Bill Thomas: for a 10% payment process, since my income varies month to month is estimating the income OK?  Do I need to include my expenses & income statement?

00:28:04 Derek: Q TRUSTEE BANK ACCOUNT UK Hi Mark thanks  for your time. The UK has very few banks offering a Trustee Bank Account. One is Metrobank. They are in financial difficulties. In the event of them going under what happens to the Trustee bank account.

00:30:47 Chris: Q: When using a promissory note to pay for new car from the start. Do I need to send promissory note before registering on PPSR as now there is no money owing to the financial institution.

00:30:50 Bill Thomas: can I pay a doctor’s office who billed me from a hospital stay in the U.S. with a P.N.–can they securitize it, in other words?

00:35:50 Claude: Q) How would you respond to an SRO (Land Tax) person in this case

Background- I have a property that no longer has a debt and the mortgage has been discharged.  I sent 3 notices to SRO asking for proof of an agreement between SRO and myself since the mortgage has been discharged.  They failed to reply to my 3 notices within the time period stipulated. However 2 months after the default judgement they wrote back and said I still owe the money and stated the following

1. Land Tax was validly enacted and received royal assent Nov 2005 and proclaimed G48 1 Dec 2005

2. The payment contract of land tax does not require a binding agreement between commissioner and taxpayer

3. Silence, in itself cannot constitute acceptance

00:38:25 Bill Thomas: a 10% offer doesn’t have to be within  3 days of the monthly statement does it?  we don’t include the statement with the payment process?  Do I  paperclip the paperwork together?

00:46:34 Catherine: question – can a friend who doesn’t live with you be your private notary when doing the Bill of Exchange process?

00:49:38 Catherine: question – my husband isn’t claiming all of his tax back as we are doing it incrementally to avoid raising red flags. is it still worth putting the declaration in?

00:50:23 Catherine: if so would the wording need to  be changed?

00:52:04 Catherine: question- if the yes vote passes, will it be worth owning property under a private trust?

00:55:44 Ads: if bail document at a police station under duress and threat – v.c. all rights reserved is that a fraudulent bail certificate?

00:56:36 Clayton: Q. If time, As a Gold trader like Ainslie Bullion is essentially a money exchange, would it be possible to purchase gold or silver bullion using a promissory note, thereby having precious metal to change into cashy money?

01:04:36 Michael: Further to Claude’s question regarding land tax, what if the land is owned by a company or a trust? Would this change the way we would hold position?

01:07:11 kopu: if I am-claiming a breach of contract for unfair dismissal could i send the CEO a Statutory Demand.

01:09:33 Bill Thomas: If I discharge a liability, what’s a recourse if they damage my credit saying I paid late?

01:22:13 Chris: Q When sending notice to Eqifax is this a copy of the promissory note

01:23:21 Bill Thomas: will CBDC (digital currency) prevent us from creating our own financial instruments / alternative forms of payments?

01:24:55 Rod sutton: Q. I have found an ATO paper form for business assessment for my p/l company, do I have to use this or do you recommend to fill out a standard individual form  minus the supplementary section?

01:26:10 Ads: if deal with quasi criminal traffic matter without three letter process what are the implications in the hearing if adjournment not accepted?

01:29:37 Chris: Q: If ATO now has ABN does this make them legitimate entity

01:30:34 Michael: Where can we access the recording of the two day Melbourne workshop? From what I understand, the recording is included in the price of the workshop.

01:30:43 Bill Thomas: how can one know if a lender accepts the payment for paying off an auto loan & won’t damage the person’s credit when no more payments are made?

01:31:39 Ads: in quasi criminal traffic matter if x 2 taken seriously by magistr8 although no damage or injury is that all that’s required for dismissal, no injured party?

01:31:43 Catherine: question – is it worth stating on mygov account that i am separated even though I’m not for tax purposes?

01:38:48 Rod sutton: Q. how would one prove that a contribution to a foundation or trust from  my company to me then from me to trust (this transfer  in cash) an affidavit maybe?

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