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Renew EXPIRED membership for $99

For those who have expired memberships here at SE, we’re giving you the option this month to renew your membership for $99 instead of starting again at $129 for first year (and $99 ongoing years). This is valid until 31 August 2022. You must manually insert the coupon code to redeem the offer – we are unable to offer partial refunds if you did not use the coupon code correctly – instructions are below. You can check your membership status by clicking My Membership (on the left bar). We’ve detected for your account:

Use the coupon code letsgo when renewing, to get the regular renewal rate of $99.

Make sure to tap on have a coupon so you can enter the code letsgo to make this work!

You will then see the terms update to the refreshed special re-join rate.

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    1. If you already have an active membership, you can cancel your subscription by logging-in, and going to ‘My memberships’ on a desktop device. Alternatively, go here http://solutionsempowerment.org/membership/dashboard and then tap SUBSCRIPTIONS. From there you should be able to CANCEL the subscription (it will cancel from that moment), and payments should cease. We recommend you get in touch with us if you need any further assistance via the official support links below.
      If there is anything else we can do for you, please submit an inquiry on the contact section so that someone from the team will be able to assist you privately. http://solutionsempowerment.org/contact/assistance (members-only) or http://solutionsempowerment.org/#contact for guests.

    1. Hi, Good point xxxx 🙂
      So for members, the CONTACT page (http://solutionsempowerment.org/contact/assistance/) is the only official way to get support for members.
      For guests (without logging in), the official way to get support is via the contact form at the bottom of the homepage. Or click here http://solutionsempowerment.org/#contact. There is also a help button there for those having troubles logging-in. Please note that when you are in the process of resetting your password, you need to enter your new password TWICE, both exactly the same, and then press SAVE.