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Webinar: Options To Address a Summons / Notice to Appear

Hi Folks,

Thanks for your patience as we re-scheduled this March webinar, whilst being set-back by floods in the area for a few weeks.

Our next Solutions Empowerment Wednesday Night webinar is scheduled for this Wednesday 16th March, 7pm AEDT Sydney/Melbourne time and 6pm Brisbane time, the subject matter being “Address a Summons/Notice to Appear“.

It’s one of our old time favourites by reason so many folks within the community of every Country receive, or have received in the past, a Summons or Notice to Appear regarding alleged traffic violations. The thought of having to attend a Magistrate, or Local Court, being intimidating and daunting to most folks, let alone the escalating legal costs involved in engaging a lawyer to represent you, if you’ve elected not to self-represent.

This Module is designed to alleviate the fear, uncertainty and cost involved in addressing a Summons/Notice to Appear as well as disclose some options to mitigate the need for appearance in some cases, with examples.

Whether or not you’ve been served a Summons/Notice to Appear to appear in a Local or Magistrates Court, depending on the State of Australia or elsewhere you reside, the information will be useful, is powerful and will provide you remedies and options in dealing not only with Summons/Notices to Appear, but generally, in any matter where a public (commercial and possibly unconscionable) offer is presented to you.

Don’t forget the LIVE Q & A afterwards at 8.15pm. If you have questions about any commercial, financial, legal or process subject matter, here’s your opportunity to have it addressed without any expense. We endeavour to address as many, if not all, of your questions in the allotted hour as we can.

Look forward to the evening and seeing you there.

MEMBERS-ONLY (optional additional purchase)

Module 28 – “Options To Address a Summons / Notice to Appear” documents pack is now available.

You may purchase these support documents for an additional (affordable) fee with immediate download. They are available if you’d like to save lots of time by having our documents ready to support you on your way whilst providing valuable guidance. Experience level of 20+ years.

MEMBERS-ONLY Recording of Q&A Session

Kindest Regards
Mark & team
Solutions Empowerment

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  1. Mark you said in earlier talks that you don’t have a drivers licence but in this you mention paying an infringement notice to stop possible suspension, is this correct?