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Speaking at World Freedom Alliance Conference (Budapest) August 12 2022

Hi Folks

Please find attached an invitation to listen to a live stream of the World Freedom Alliance (WFA) combined with Doctors Alliance, an action plan to unravel the agenda to lockdown the whole world and restrict freedoms including freedom of movement.

Become a member of the WFA and be part of a team that is proactive and taking positive action to create a better world for us all. Solutions Empowerment have teamed up with the WFA, to assist them where ever possible.

It begins this Friday night 12th August at 10.30pm – Australian time, held in Budapest (2.30pm their local time). Join the live stream by scrolling to the bottom of the event page on the WFA website and entering your name and email.

Kindest Regards

Mark Pytellek
Solutions Empowerment

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